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Jericho resident David Caspe has been a tennis enthusiast for much of his life, playing from the time he was nine, all throughout high school and then at Hartford University on a tennis scholarship. When the opportunity arose for him to attend an adult tennis camp called Costa del Tennis in Barcelona, Spain, he was eager to see what the experience would entail.

Caspe poses proudly with his trophy.

“When I turned 50 I wanted to go away somewhere and do something other than just go on a vacation and lay on a beach,” said Caspe. “I did some research, found this camp in Barcelona and signed up.”

When registering and booking a flight, Caspe was unsure of what to expect, but the week-long program proved to be an experience beyond anything he could imagine.

“It exceeded all my expectations,” he said. “Everyone was so helpful and accommodating. They are amazing teachers and people. They provided detailed technical tips, reinforced with video analysis and great drills.”

Costa del Tennis aims to connect people from around the world of varying backgrounds and skill levels to train in a professional, yet enjoyable setting. The key to the success of those who attend is the small student to instructor ratio, often creating groups with just two to three players led by one professional.

They provide both adult and youth programs in Barcelona, Gran Canaria and Mallorca, Spain. Though many adults attend the camp for recreational purposes, certain students at the junior level are being groomed as prospective college athletes and/or professionals.
The website boasts that “as you return home you’ll find an ongoing love affair with the sport and travel,” and Caspe can certainly attest to that.

The camp utilizes video to help players improve.
Caspe and his fellow camp members.

During his stay, Caspe not only trained with top-quality professionals, but was also able to explore the city’s greatest sites and attractions. After training sessions, he and fellow players from the camp would gather for drinks, go to local restaurants and once attended a Barcelona soccer match.

Caspe was so moved by his experiences within the short time frame that he recently made the decision to register for another week-long program in April. When he returns to the Barcelona camp, he aims to challenge himself in more competitive matches and build his stamina.

“To me, the decision to go is a no brainer,” he said. “To be able to explore and experience the culture and people while also having the daily tennis atmosphere, you can’t beat it.”
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