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Petros Arzoumandis, certified trainer and founder of Workout Anywhere.

Having the desire to get fit is one thing, but having the motivation to get started is another thing entirely. Syosset resident Petros Arzoumandis is tackling the notion of a traditional workout by eliminating the most difficult part of the process for many: going to the gym.

“The workouts cater to clients in terms of what their goals are, what they like and what is good for them,” said Arzoumandis. “I’ll travel all across the island from Queens to Islip and back on any given day.”

Arzoumandis, a certified personal trainer, recognized a need for a transformation in the way people approach fitness, prompting him to establish Workout Anywhere. Under his instruction, clients can choose from a variety of customizable services and a location that best accommodates them.

Workout Anywhere, founded in 2012, entails exactly what the name implies. Arzoumandis has trained clients in unique locations such as offices, basements, backyards, beachfronts, parks and more.

“Basically, I will come to you and train you wherever you are as long as I can legally get the permits,” said Arzoumandis.

Arzoumandis working with a client.

His workouts are far from ordinary. The skilled trainer recognizes that what may work for one person will not necessarily work for another, and that no fitness regime will be successful if a person does not make it work to their benefit. He assesses each client on an individual basis during their first free consultation, looking to determine what they hope to achieve and what activities they might enjoy.

“Just today, I was using a nerf gun to train a kid who’s looking to get a college scholarship for hockey,’ said Arzoumandis. “Equipment is specific to each person. I go beyond just dumbbells and a medicine ball.”

He has extensive experience in physical training and injury rehabilitation. His career in personal training began in college while working for Equinox, after which he continued on to work for the University of Pennsylvania. Once his time there came to an end, he moved onto working in injury, post-op and sports rehabilitation at NY Rehab, and then at Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Services (STARS) at North Shore LIJ. He uses his background in sports and his experience with athletes to inspire his workout plans with clients of all types.

“I bring my experience from each place I’ve been after learning what did and didn’t work,” said Arzoumandis. “I like bringing that sports aspect into each workout in a different way depending on the person.”

His expertise is not exclusive to any one type of client. His list of satisfied customers ranges from athletes, to law enforcement hopefuls, to those suffering from physical ailments such as Parkinson’s Disease, muscular dystrophy and blindness. He has witnessed significant improvements in his clients within very few sessions whether it be a weight loss or a change in overall wellbeing.

Some of the workout supplies Arzoumandis can provide.

“It’s great to reach the end of the workout when a person is smiling and happy because most people don’t look forward to working out in the first place,” said Arzoumandis. “The biggest reward is seeing that overall grand transformation.”

The fitness guru continued on to express his passion for impacting people’s lives through strides in their personal fitness. He believes that his work is benefiting not just individual people, but the surrounding community as well. As for the future, he hopes that his business continues to thrive and grow through word of mouth recommendations and the use of social media. He also plans to hold events where people will have the ability to get active with fellow residents interested in improving their fitness.

For more information about Workout Anywhere, visit To see photos and videos, visit the Instagram page @workout.anywhere or the Facebook page @PeteyFitness.

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