Syosset Staff Conference Day


One day prior to opening its doors to students, the Syosset Central School District conducted a back-to-school Superintendent’s Conference Day, an opportunity for administration, faculty and support staff to prepare for the new school year. Every district school held a meeting of the entire staff, with various departmental and procedural workshops scheduled.

The day also enabled elementary teachers to prepare their classrooms for the arrival of students.


Superintendent of Schools Dr. Thomas Rogers and Deputy Superintendent Adele Bovard visited every school to welcome back faculty. Rogers spoke briefly about recent and planned curriculum enhancements as well as the projects being piloted by the district’s technology work group. He observed that together the changes create the opportunity to weave different subject areas together to make learning more fluid and fun.

Rogers also took the opportunity to introduce Bovard, who was appointed this spring. A former music teacher, Bovard likened the collaboration of school staff to an orchestra, with each member playing their part to create something special beyond anything one person could create on their own.


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