Apple Core: Jericho Cider Mill’s Traditions


CiderMill_072716AFrom its historically beloved crisp, sugary apple cider—served both refreshingly cold and piping hot—to its newly popular homemade ice cream, available in distinct, delicious flavors like apple chunk, the Jericho Cider Mill has provided Long Island residents with a variety of palate-pleasing products over the years. As a staple of the Jericho community for more than a century, the Cider Mill continues to grow and serve its loyal Long Island customers.

Since its establishment in 1820, the Jericho Cider Mill has proudly served cider, pies and other products made from only the freshest ingredients, such as Red Delicious, McIntosh and Winesaps from Hudson Valley, one of the major apple-growing regions in the nation. This relative proximity allows the mill to maximize the freshness and reliability of their apple products, like their cider and pies.

Additionally, to preserve its traditional taste, the Cider Mill has meticulously imitated decades-old recipes passed on through generations of the mill. One such important recipe is for the Jericho Cider Mill’s famous hand-crafted pies that are never processed nor mass-produced.

CiderMill_072716BThe result of such devotion to tradition, freshness and natural flavor is a dedicated fan base spread all across Long Island and New York state, perpetually praising the “incredible” taste of the Cider Mill’s products, declaring that it is unlike anything they’ve tasted before.

Outside of these longtime fans, new customers have consistently been attracted to the Jericho Cider Mill thanks to its key location near schools, business complexes and major highways. The mill’s accessibility to young students and people outside of Long Island allow new patrons to encounter the mill’s one-of-a-kind flavors.

Despite its continuous success for more than 100 years and its steadfast commitment to tradition, the Jericho Cider Mill also continues to progress, becoming a paragon of both tradition and innovation. For example, the Cider Mill has recently introduced homemade ice cream to local praise, with various, unique flavors and a smooth, rich taste. Such flavors include apple chunk, amaretto almond chip, banana nut, peach and cinnamon. Also, the Cider Mill recently renovated its display of jams and jellies in order to better present its products and serve its patrons.

CiderMill_072716DThough the Cider Mill is closed for the summer, local residents can surely anticipate the mill’s reopening in September, when apples will reach the peak of their sweetness. At that time, mill will roll out its famous Baked Apple Cider doughnuts, sugary sweet thanks to its apples and baked to perfection, and its cold, refreshing apple cider, perfect for the lingering early autumn heat.

As the Cider Mill continues to develop, leaving behind a prominent legacy, its goals for the future remain simple, but honorable. Kerry Kets, general manager of the Jericho Cider Mill, proclaims that “Our goal for the future is the same as the goals of the past. We hope to continue the traditions set over 100 years ago of using only the freshest ingredients to make our wonderful products and to keep our customers coming back for another 100 years.”

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