Maybe Men Are Offended, Too


Donald Trump has literally gone off the rails on his criticism of Hillary Clinton, thinking that blaming her for Bill Clinton’s conduct in the 1990s will get him elected as President of a country in which more than half the voters are women. You would think that no one is that dumb, but Mr. Trump has managed to fool the pundits all along the way. But yes, he is that inept. Another little factoid that he has clearly failed to note is that it’s not just women, but men also out there in voter land who take offense at his attempt to blame Hillary for her husband’s misdeeds.

Trump is a lot like Newt Gingrich, the two-bit politician who appears to have surfaced as a possible running mate for The Donald. Many may remember that Gingrich cheated on his first wife while she was recovering from cancer. Then he cheated on his second wife who was diagnosed with MS. And at the same time, while he was still in cheating mode, Gingrich was simultaneously occupied impeaching Bill Clinton. What a team these two guys would make.

In case The Donald was unaware, all of us have mothers. Many of us have sisters. Lots of us have daughters. Donald’s misogynistic creepiness is an insult to each and every one of them. And when he insults all those women in my family, he’s batty if he doesn’t realize that I, too, am offended. And I don’t think I’m alone.

If you add up all of the women voters out there and the men voters with mothers, sisters and daughters, that comes to a total of about…well, let’s see…oh, how about 100 percent? How many of these has he offended? Well, only time will tell, but this guy could wind up losing 50 states. And he should. And he should take his endorsers with him.

I may not be a Hillary fan for a myriad of other reasons related to policy. But Mr. Trump, who can’t seem to get his own conduct in check and continues to behave like a schoolyard bully, has now firmly pushed me into voting for someone I don’t even like. This guy’s a nightmare and like all those women in my life, I’m now in the Dump Trump camp.

And, by the way, good luck to all the local politicians who have endorsed this guy out of fear of losing their own jobs if they don’t. Boy, did they ever choose to be on the wrong side of history. When I vote against Trump, I’ll include them on my Not Now/Not Ever list of politicians who should lose their seats.

—Michael A. Levy

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