School Budgets Pass


In the Syosset School District, voters approved the budget 1,505 to 425.

“With this support, the district will continue to provide a full academic and co-curricular program while also addressing important areas of our school infrastructure,” said the district in a statement.

Syosset School Board members Tracy Frankel, Rob Gershon and Susan Parker all ran unopposed for reelection and will be returning to the Board of Education. Vote totals are as follows: Gershon—1,444, Frankel—1,448 and Parker—1,524.

In the Jericho School District, the budget passed 722 to 101. Proposition no. 2, involving capital improvements, passed 726 to 103. And board member Joseph Lorintz, who ran uncontested, received 693 votes. —Tribune Staff


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