Bridge Over The River ‘Nope’


In a very recent speech before the Association for a Better New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed building a bridge from Nassau County to the Bronx or Westchester. Media coverage of the proposal identified Oyster Bay as the Nassau County location.

Not too long ago, the governor was here in Oyster Bay taking part in the cleanup of our invaluable Oyster Bay Harbor (on the waters and in a community that his proposal would effectively destroy).

In remarking about the bridge proposal, the governor stated that “…you can’t have a pebble stop a bulldozer…” Well, there are a lot of very dedicated and insistent pebbles around Oyster Bay, East Norwich, Bayville and the surrounding communities.

As they were years back in the prior failed bridge proposal for this community, the very “pebbles” the governor speaks of will no doubt be prepared once again for a heck of a tussle.

—Rob Brusca

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