Profits and Pollution


stones-308249_640What happened in Flint, MI, to its water system is occurring all over the United States. Beside the blame game of old, dilapidated sewer pipes, the way we produce goods and services is also to blame for toxic water and air. For example, energy that comes from fracked gas causes terrible water contamination just as oil drilling and broken pipe lines has caused major mishaps on land and sea. Each releases pollution into the air and water devastating animal and human lives.

Factories and businesses are also responsible for our ever increasing pollution. They dump their chemicals into rivers and other waterways to produce goods that we think we need to have. Meanwhile, towns and areas of the country by these waterways suffer the consequences of disease causing water and increased breathing ailments. This all done in the name of jobs and profits.
As long as business continues as usual and there continues to be weakened environmental laws, our land, water and health will go down the dirty drain. Investing is profitable for the few while the majority of us are sinking without even knowing it. For example, on Long Island, we have been subject to the run-off of fertilizers, and pesticides, that along with failing sewers and septic systems, are turning it into a toxic dump. Plumes, like the one in Bethpage, are after many decades still not being cleaned up and cleared away.

The solution to this kind of pollution does not require new inspection, but money to salvage these horrible situations and turn the tide on those in government and in the private sector who only drill for money, continue releasing chemicals in water and air that harm us, and never pay the price of reconstruction and clean up. Renewable clean energy is available. Organic methods of farming are doable. The labeling of GMOs and non-GMO food can be accomplished so we have healthier food availability. To stop the profits of pollution, we must join together and see the profitability in working to build a new and healthier infrastructure for all.

—Elaine Peters


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