Children and GMOs


cornfield-902877_640More than 85 percent of the food in the United States is processed. It is made with Genetically Modified Organisms. The GMOs are found in our food system: corn, sugar, wheat and soy products. Most people are unaware of this because there is no GMO label on them. This is dangerous, especially for our children.

The GMO is a genetically engineered seed.This means that one species of DNA is injected into the DNA of a completely unrelated one. This is not a hybrid, but an engineered viral infection. As a result, more and more children are showing the ill effects of much of eating this food.

The immune systems of children are vulnerable and developing. The increase of illnesses, such as allergies, asthma, autism and autoimmune diseases is becoming commonplace. If the products we buy, such as bread, crackers, oils, anything with high fructose syrup, have been modified in this manner, so too are our children’s immune systems. In 64 other countries GMOS are banned or labeled. They have choice and grow their food from natural unengineered seeds. The farmers and the consumers in these countries understand the downside of unnatural seeds sprayed with stronger and stronger pesticides each year to “protect” them as they grow.

We must not wait as our children’s diseases skyrocket. Our politicians must overcome Monsanto’s resistance to GMO labeling and stop pandering to special interests. The public and an organization called have been fighting to get this labeling and offer current options to GMO foods. In the meantime, feeding yourself and your children organic and non-GMO foods is a choice. Thankfully, there is some non-GMO certified labeling appearing and local markets selling organic produce. But to make a real impact, we must fight for GMO labeling and maybe this kind of unhealthy food will go to rest.

—Elaine Peters


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