Art Graces The Jericho Library

Carol Bruder

February will prove to be an artistically special month at the Jericho Public Library as guests are invited to step into the art gallery and view peaceful visages.

Nancy Wernersbach

The exhibit Seasons In Color will illuminate the library, as local artists Carol Bruder, Vivian Hershfield, Rosanne Kaloustian and Nancy Wernersbach display their wonderful paintings for all to enjoy.

In addition to the art, the Jericho library will also display some of the amazing items created using the library’s state-of-the-art 3D printer in the lobby showcases just outside of the art gallery. Acquiring the printer last year, Jericho library was one of the first libraries on Long Island to have the remarkable device.

The library’s head of technology development, Carlos Munozospina, and reference librarian Sarah Okano described the technology and showed how objects are printed from a polylactic acid filament (PLA), an organic material that feeds into the machine and prints out successive “layers” to create a finished product.

The library displays items created using its 3D printer.

The PLA material is a plastic derived from renewable resources such as corn starch, tapioca roots and sugar cane.


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