Jericho Senior’s Laugh In

Beverly Munter

Beverly Munter, a longtime resident of Jericho’s East Birchwood neighborhood, enjoys the spotlight.

She recalls the fun she had pre-retirement at her executive job in Hicksville for more than 30 years—always doing “the roasts” when employees would leave or hit milestone anniversaries. When her husband passed away in 2004, and Munter was successful at online dating, she shared her encouraging, and often funny, stories with huge audiences at libraries and senior centers across Long Island about finding love, friendship and intimacy again.

Now at 81, she’s decided to go back to school—but not in the academic sense. Munter enrolled in Comedy College at Governor’s in Levittown and she can be found there every Tuesday night from 6 to 8 p.m. In her fifth week of class, Munter said she has no problem matching wits with her younger counterparts.

“I don’t mind being with the 20-somethings—all I care about is having fun,” she said. “They kid me that I’m going to be the headliner.” As part of Comedy College’s requirements, Munter must come up with seven minutes of an act. That proved easy for Munter, who has more than enough material for at least 10 minutes of stage time.

“What do you expect? I’ve had a longer life than my classmates, so of course I have more bits,” she said.

Munter’s daughter, Holly Koenig of Westbury, said her mom has a tendency toward bawdy material.

“My mom’s act is a bit R-rated,” said Koenig, who recently joined the class with her mother. “She talks about intimacy with senior partners, what she’s going to wear—or not wear—to her own funeral and shares some stories about her relationship with the boyfriends she met online.”

Koening also said that joining her mother on stage was a dream come true for both of them.

“Mom always wanted us both on stage together—like Joan and Melissa—so now she can cross this off her bucket list,” she said.


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