Syosset Art Spotlight


ArtSpot_122315ACindy Shechter, an artist and retired New York City teacher, has been living in Syosset for 41 years.

ArtSpot_122315BAn expressionist who works in acrylic paint on canvas, Shechter had her own business and worked in the special events industry painting backdrops and making centerpieces for corporate and private events. In addition, she has painted wall murals in commercial and private locations all over Long Island.

Her work is often on display at the b.j. spoke gallery.

“Although we don’t always notice, each tree is uniquely different and has a character all its own,” she said. “Some are stately, some fragile, some dramatic, some graceful and some have vines growing up their trunks. Through the use of color and brushstroke I express the unnoticed quality of each tree. Sometimes it is the texture of the bark, sometimes it is the dramatic way its branches twist and turn as they reach skyward. My goal is to capture the unique expressive quality of the tree as well as its strength and natural beauty.”

Shechter said her inspiration comes from the beauty of nature itself.

ArtSpot_122315D“If you look really closely at the trunk of a tree, the shadows on the ground, the waves in the water you will see all of the elements of art such as shapes, lines, patterns and textures,” she said. “I remove the subject matter and add lots of color. The results are my abstract expressionist paintings.” —Tribune Staff


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