Syosset Baseball Swings Around Town


BaseballTown_070115AThe Syosset High School varsity baseball team has been enjoying a successful Spring 2015 season with exciting, fun-filled games leading them into the playoffs with hopes that they too can bring home a championship to Syosset to match those of the football, ice hockey, lacrosse and soccer teams.

The team, compromised of 12 graduating seniors plus juniors and a few sophomores, has been together through the winter workout program held in December through February at Baseball Player Magazine. As part of team bonding, captains Jonathan Doyle, Derek Spillane, Jason Beck, Jake Mitchnick and Skylar Graff keep the team communicating during practices, game warm-ups, the actual game and after practice and after-game activities. After one of their recent practices, they all enjoyed a relaxing lunch with head coach Fitzgerald and assistant coach Morritt at Woodbury Deli, which has been a strong supporter to the team throughout not only this year but also prior years. The team has been seen together at other local establishments as well as other teams’ games supporting their fellow classmates and friends playing other sports for Syosset High School.

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