Syosset Man Neglected Dog: DA

Investigators found Stanley in rough shape.

The Nassau County District Attorney’s office reports that a Syosset man was arrested yesterday for criminal neglect of his pet Shih Tzu, Stanley.

According to Acting district attorney Madeline Singas, Patrick Benjamin, 30, was arrested by DA investigators on charges that his dog suffered severe neglect for at least six months.

Stanley, after vets fixed him up.

Singas said that local animal control officials received call about an apparently stray dog out side of Benjamin’s home on May 27 at around 3:15 p.m. Officials impounded the dog for examination and care, finding that it had suffered severe neglect, being deprived of nutrition, hydration, basic hygienic and dental care and vetinary care.

The dog had matted hair covered in feces and urine, had severely rotted gums and teeth and had nails so long and curled that they cut into the dog’s paw pads.

Poor Stanley’s teeth

Later that day, Benjamin visited his local municipal shelter and identified himself as the owner of the impounded dog, named Stanley. Benjamin surrendered to Singas’ Animal Crimes Unit for arrest in the case.

“Animals have no means to defend or provide for themselves in the face of severe criminal neglect like that in this case, which is why tips from the community and the cooperation of local officials are so important,” said Singas. “I urge all Nassau County residents to contact my Animal Crimes Unit if they suspect animal abuse in their neighborhood.”

Stanley’s nails were so long, they were digging into his paw pads.
Investigators arraigned Benjamin on a charge of failure to provide proper sustenance, class A misdemeanor. He was conditionally released on probation. Benjamin faces a maximum sentence of one year in jail and is due back in court on July 23.


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