Robbins Lane’s Veggie Garden


Veggie_052915AThe kindergarteners and first graders at Robbins Lane gathered around the vegetable gardens in the school courtyard recently to reap what they sowed.

These same students had planted vegetables and herbs in the September and then prepared the beds for winter in November.

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This month, they returned to begin their spring planting. Students learned about the different vegetables that they were planting and the different ways of planting. The first graders planted snow and snap pea seeds and seedlings to see the difference in how they grow. The kindergarteners planted asparagus as roots under the ground and also as seedlings. Other classes planted radish, lettuce and kale.

The children had a great time digging in the dirt, finding worms and helping to get the new plants and seeds in safely. Each class will go outside to water the plants and to check on their progress. Before the end of the school year, we will have vegetables to pick. Thanks to parents Melissa Schoenfeld and Elana Lebolt and the tireless work of Mrs. Kleinman, Robbins Lane teacher, the vegetable gardens are sure to be a success.


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