Jericho’s Woman Of Distinction

Dr. John Castronova, Jericho’s Director of Pupil Personnell Services, congratulates Kim Conger, Jericho’s Curriculum Associate for Pupil Personnel Services, on her achievement. (Photo by Jericho Schools)

Kim Conger, Jericho’s Curriculum Associate for Pupil Personnel Services was recently named a Town of Oyster Bay Woman of Distinction for Education.

“The ‘Women of Distinction’ Program has certainly proven to be a memorable tradition, honoring women who stand as role models for the younger generation in the Town of Oyster Bay,” Supervisor John Venditto said. “These women are a shining example of the outstanding citizenship that has made the Town of Oyster Bay such a special place to live and raise a family.”

Conger is described as a compassionate and dedicated educator who goes above and beyond to help secure a positive future for children with special needs. Believing in the mission of early intervention, Conger works tirelessly to help build the foundation for children under her care, so that they may flourish into outstanding adults with promising futures.

She is recognized by the parents of her students as an individual who does not judge a child who was “different,” but rather seeks to understand the child in order to provide a unified philosophy of care and education capable of fostering the social, emotional and cognitive growth they desperately need in order to secure prospects for a positive, bright and successful future. Conger is a dedicated, involved, and nurturing professional to both the children, as well as their parents.



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