Enter Thru The Doggy Door


077The Manetto Hill Animal Hospital went to the dogs—and cats—at the fifth annual Paws 2 Love adoption festival and benefit on Sunday, May 3.

Precious pups and cute kitties hoping for a new forever home stared dolefully up at attendees, while doggies just there for a good time wagged their tails and barked at some new friends.

“Our goal is to find forever homes for these animals while also supporting the shelters,” said Neil Weiss, owner and founder of the animal hospital. “This even brings the focus to these rescued animals that are healthy, but unwanted.”

The event also raised money for the shelters, who use the generous donations to pay vet bills, feed the animals and stay in operation.

Click here for photos of animals looking for a new home and some dogs just out for a good time.


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