Jericho Dives In To Reading


By Gina Levy

IMG_0012Think waves, seashells, mermaids and books!

Under the Sea was the theme of this year’s Book Fair at Robert Seaman Elementary in Jericho. Not only did students get to pick out their favorite books to read and take home, but also there was so much more.

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Children dressed in pajamas for the school day on Monday, and Kindergarten and first graders had a special story time evening on Monday night. In addition to purchasing books for themselves, students had the opportunity to help their teachers by donating books to the classrooms as well as donate books to other children in need.

Parents were happy too, as they got a chance to see their children excited and ready to read when they came home with their new books. Thank you to the whole committee who “dove in” and made sure that all had fun and got into the spirit of the theme to read.


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