Syosset Concert Warms Winter


VillageOrch_030715CThe Village School Winter Concert was recently held at H.B. Thompson Middle School in Syosset. The Senior Orchestra opened up the performance under the direction of music teacher Ms. Carrella with a rousing rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner.” They followed this up with beautiful versions of “Super String Samba,” “Over the Rainbow,” and “Can Can.” The orchestra had a great, dynamic sound and played the pieces perfectly.

Mr. Wurtzel, the new band teacher, was conducting at his first Village School concert and did a wonderful job. The audience enjoyed songs from a variety of genres, from movies to popular music. The band opened with the theme from Star Wars, then continued on to “Jingle Bells Jamboree,” ending with “Radioactive.” The melody in this last piece was passed between sections, and the students stood when they had the melody. Their performance was entertaining and informative.

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The Chorus had the finale for the evening. Under the direction of music instructor Ms. Schwartz, they sang some terrific songs: “Jazz Cantante,” “From the Heart,” and “Hot Chocolate.” Mr. Watarz, the piano accompanist, provided us with some great improvisation during a section of Jazz Cantante. The students added some gestures to their singing that made things lively and enjoyable.

The concert was over all too soon, leaving the audience wanting more—but they will have to wait patiently for the Spring concert. The orchestra, band and chorus all appeared to be larger than ever. The music program at Village School continues to be popular with students. Given the ovation during the concert, it’s quite popular with the parents as well.

Bravo, Village School!


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