Jericho Board Honors Students

Students Giulia Milana and Sam Newman get school officials into a selfie.

Last night’s Jericho School Board meeting had its fair share of honors – and selfies.

The Jericho School Board’s Feb. 12 meeting included honors for teacher Dr. Michael Hartnett, who received the 2014 Outstanding Educator Award from the University of Chicago. Also receiving honors were five of the school’s varsity teams, which received scholar athlete accolades. The Jericho chess team was also congratulated on winning the Nassau County Chess Championship recently.

Students Sam Newman, co-president of the student council and Giulia Milana, vice president of spirit communications for the student council, were also on had to claim victory for the Class of 2015 in the Battle of the Classes, which the class had won an unprecedented four years in a row. And in light of the recent snow-altered school schedules, Newman and Milana jokingly proposed a four-day school week moving forward.

The students also presented their Lip Dub 2015, a video featuring students and staff lip syncing, dancing and cheering to show off their school spirit. Go to the school’s online newspaper website to watch the video.

Check out the video for this year’s Lip Dub at

When it came time for more serious business, the board commenced its second 2015-16 budget workshop. According to officials, the allowable levy growth factor is lesser of 2 percent of CPI. For the 2015-16 budget, the CPI, which will be used for the tax levy threshold calculation, before exclusions, is 1.62 percent.  Jericho’s tax levy threshold for 2015-16 will be below 2 percent. For the upcoming budget the school aims to propose a budget requiring tax levy exemptions at or below the 2 percent tax levy limit. The decision requires a simple majority vote.

Later in the meeting, the Syosset-Jericho Tribune was named one of the official papers of the school district.


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