Culture Fest At Syosset School

Village Elementary School students demonstrated a traditional Indian Folk dance at the school’s International Night.
(Photos by Syosset Schools)

From Asian Lion Dancing to a Taekwondo demonstration, Village Elementary School, in the Syosset School District, was the home of a unique program highlighting the school’s rich cultural diversity on Jan. 30.

International Night is put together by the Village School PTA and highlights food, music and artistic contributions from all over the world.

Beginning with the U.S. National Anthem performed by Village’s orchestra, the students sang songs, performed dances and put on a dazzling Chinese Yo-Yo demonstration to a packed audience in the school’s gymnasium. The show also featured Russian and Ukrainian music and dance and a Filipino Tinikling dance.

Students at Village Elementary School dazzled the audience with a colorful and elaborate Chinese Lion Dance.

Audience members were also treated to fine international foods, from Polish and Korean, to Indian and Chinese.

Some of the musical numbers were performed with assistance from Village teachers Linda Carrella and Maryellen Schwartz.


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