LIU Launches Equine Studies

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The Spring 2015 semester will feature a new equestrian program at LIU Post.

LIU Post recently announced the launch of a new Equine Studies program, offered to students beginning in spring 2015. The four areas of focus include Equine Management, Equine Education and Equine Health, as well as an interdisciplinary track.

The program will utilize North Shore Equestrian Center located on campus, home to the LIU Post equestrian team and where students have been taking riding courses for decades. The Equestrian Studies minor is designed to meet the needs of students who want to expand their knowledge of horses and the equestrian business and gain skills in this area that will prepare them to enter into a career in the equine industry. 

The program, catering to students with a passion for horses, includes the following areas of focus:

•Equine Management focuses on the business side of the industry and includes courses on business management, facilities management, activities management, and business law and ethics.

•Equine Education includes courses on the fundamental theories of riding, teaching riding methods, therapeutic riding, and judging.

•Equine Health includes courses on equine anatomy, basic equine health, disease, and first aid; equine symptoms, lameness, metabolic disorders, and reproduction; and equine nutrition.

•Interdisciplinary Track allows students to tailor their focus with a combination of courses from the Management, Education and Health tracks.

Gerald. L. Chasin of North Shore Equestrian Center, a champion equestrian competitor, is an avid supporter of the Equine Studies minor program.

“There are numerous career options that can be merged with a minor in Equine Studies,” Chasin said. “For science majors, the pharmaceutical business is heavily invested in research and development in the large animal category. In the technology hardware industry there are on-going developments in scanning equipment, and for marketing and public relations majors, combining the equine minor can lead to opportunities in the sports, broadcast, journalism, and entertainment sectors.”

“The Equine Studies program reflects LIU’s rich history and engages today’s young equestrians and aspiring veterinarians,” said Dr. Kimberly R. Cline, president of LIU. “The equine focus will give students the skills and expertise needed to prepare them for a career in the equine industry.”

“Now students can pair their business or marketing degree, for instance, with an equine minor and open their career options to a whole new area that they may have never known about before,” said Nana Koch, Ed.D., associate professor and chairperson of the Department of Health, Physical Education and Movement Science. “LIU has long offered students riding courses at the stable, and has maintained an equestrian team for decades. We wanted to meet our students’ needs by expanding on this by offering programs focused on equine.”

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