Syosset Athlete Ranks As All-Star

Daniel Albernas was recently selected as a Nassau County all-star basketball player.

Muttontown resident and Syosset high school senior, Daniel Albernas, has been selected as a Nassau County all-star basketball player. Albernas is ranked as a top 10 player in Nassau county’s public high schools and represented Nassau County on its talented team of all-star players.

When asked about this ranking, Albernas said the true measure of an athlete is performance on the field—or court—of play.

“It’s not about being one or two,” he said. “It’s about how you do on the court; how well you play.”  

Basketball is a game where talented players rise to the top. As a junior, Albernas was recognized with with all county honors and received this recognition at the 2013-2014 Nassau County awards ceremony. This prestigious award is selected by coaches from all the high schools in the basketball conference.

While it is his scoring that earns him notoriety, the versality in his game is impressive. His ball-handling skills dominate the court and he is a knockdown shooter, finishing in the top 20 in three-point percentage and fifth in free throw percentage.

As a starting point guard for four years, Albernas’ determination and skill has always put him as the top contributor. Along with his double digit scoring, the senior baller leads his team in assists and steals. With his court vision, Albernas’ assists get the entire team going. He is a team player who looks to get the entire team involved from the start. He is definitely a pass first point guard and his defense and quick crossover add to game.

“I always focus on the team and the next play,” he said. “Numbers are great and they will come, but it’s really about hard work and commitment.”

When asked about his recognition, Albernas maintained that it is all about the team.

“Playing for Syosset is one of the best experiences I can have,” he said. “We all play our hearts out. It’s not about one player on the team, it’s always about everyone contributing.”

As a senior and captain of the varsity team, Albernas is expected to carry the team both statistically and from a leadership standpoint.

“We had a lot of close games last year,” he said. “I always have a positive outlook and feel we can can be a contender this year.”

His high level of performance is not limited to the court. Along with his list of community service efforts, Albernas is also a member of the National Honor Society. He achieved honor role for every quarter at Syosset High School and continues to maintain his high GPA.

“Everything takes thinking,” he said. “As a leader, if I can say or do something to encourage others, I will.”

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