Jericho Cyclists Spin Giving

Samantha Marcus (center) and friends continued their charitable endeavor.

A young Jericho woman recently continued her yearly charitable quest.

Samantha Marcus and her fellow bike riding enthusiasts gathered on Saturday, Nov. 29 to embark on a spin class for Sunride for Sunrise, an effort to raise money to send children with cancer to Sunrise Day Camp. This was Marcus’ third annual Sunride; she started the jaunt in 2012 and although Superstorm Sandy delayed the maiden voyage, Marcus was able to raise more than $16,000.

The idea of doing a spin class to raise money for Sunrise Day Camp came to her while cycling one day. Marcus was thinking about doing something charitable and combining it with something she loved doing— it resulted in the creation of her event, Sunride for Sunrise. Sunrise does not allow any camper to pay for their experience and Marcus recognized that these children and their families have enough on their plates, without having to worry about the cost of camp. The enthusiasm and energy created by this girl and her mission to raise money were completely contagious. She had riders of all ages and ability and great music enhanced the ride.

Marcus is an avid fundraiser, but also gives her time and energy to another important area in her life. Marcus sings and nothing makes her happier than when she is volunteering throughout the senior community. The residents of the Atria know her voice and they adore it and always ask for encores. Along with Sunride for Sunrise, Marcus also created her own entity called Songs=Smiles. The feelings she generates singing to others and doing good for others is the “best feeling in the world.” according to her.

She represents the true meaning of giving and gratitude—she is what this holiday season is all about.


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