Syosset Marks Constitution Day

South Grove Elementary School installed its student government body for all grades during its Constitution Day observance. Pictured with the students are (far left) teachers Christina Mancuso and Caterina Bozza with South Grove Principal Theresa Scrocco and Judge Summa (far right).
(Photo by Syosset Schools)

Students at South Grove Elementary School held its student-officer swearing-in ceremony while learning about America’s system of government on Constitution Day last week.

Principal Theresa Scrocco emceed the event, introducing the audience consisting of the entire student body, as well as parents, to the Hon. Judge Summa, who swore the class leaders into office. Judge Summa described how the three branches of government function and urged the students to take their leadership roles seriously.

Newly appointed fifth-grade Class President Elena Hong read the Preamble to the Constitution before the packed assembly inside the gymnasium. One by one, the student government council was introduced for each grade. Council members received wristbands and a sticker. At the end of the ceremony, they had a chance to take pictures with Judge Summa in front of the Constitution Day banner.

Constitution Day is a federal observance, usually held on Sept. 17, in honor of the official ratification of the U.S. Constitution in 1787.

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