Grant Lally: Standing With Israel


I stand with the State of Israel and their right to defend the Israeli people from the attacks of Hamas, the terrorist organization that now controls Gaza.
Hamas has attacked Israel through the air, with over 1500 Qassam rocket attacks; and underground, through tunnels dug for the purpose of attacking Israeli civilians. Inside these tunnels the Israeli military has found tranquilizers and handcuffs to be used for kidnapping Israeli citizens, and tons of weapons and explosives.
Hamas planned to use these weapons in a massive terror and kidnapping attack, targeting local Israeli schools.
The State of Israel is America’s one democratic ally in the Middle East. In this hour of Israel’s need, the United States should offer our fullest diplomatic and logistical support for Israel.
Hamas is a fanatical militant group recognized as a terrorist organization by Israel, the US, the European Union, and Egypt. Hamas has held hostage the 1.8 million Palestinians of Gaza, since executing its military takeover in 2007.
Under Hamas’ rule, Gaza has become a terror camp, bristling with rockets, bombs, and armed goons; and suffering under poverty, the oppression of women, kidnappings, and desperation.
Hamas uses Palestinian children as its “human shields” and hospitals and schools as its arms depots and rocket bases.
Normal life in Gaza has ceased to be possible.
Hamas is a regional pariah, with all the local governments — Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan — opposing Hamas’ rule of Gaza.
That is why it is vital that the United States give the Israeli government our fullest support, to end the terror threat from Hamas.
In devising US foreign policy, we should also consider the humanitarian fate of the 1.8 Palestinians of Gaza, who have suffered for the past 7 years under Hamas.
Gaza could and should be a flourishing trading city — located on the Mediterranean coast, only some 200 miles from the banking centers of Cyprus and Beirut; bordering the high tech economy of Israel, and lying just 50 miles from the international trading artery of the Suez Canal.
Under a normal, civilized government, Gaza could be another Hong Kong, Singapore or Dubai. It is a tragedy that Hamas has been allowed to terrorize 1.8 million Palestinians for so long.
Finally, I call upon my opponent, Rep. Steve Israel, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman, to denounce his boss, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, for her outrageous statement that the United States must “confer with the Qataris who have told me over and over again that Hamas is a humanitarian organization…””
Hamas is dedicated to the destruction of Israel, and the murder of Jews, Christians and Americans.
Mostly, however, they kill the very people — local Palestinians in Gaza — whom they claim to represent.
Using women and children as “human shields” and putting terror rocket launchers in children’s schools and hospitals, are not the actions of a “humanitarian organization.”
If Steve Israel truly represented the interests of our district, he would immediately denounce Nancy Pelosi, and stand up for the Israeli people, United States national security, and for an end to the terrorist nightmare of Hamas.

– Grant Lally, Republican and conservative nominee running for congress in the
third district


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