Locals Rock Jesus Christ Superstar

Toni Romas

Brian Kuchcicki from Jericho recently performed in Jesus Christ Superstar at St. Paul the Apostle in Brookville from  Aug. 7 through Aug. 10 and Toni Romas from Syosset helped to produce it.

The rock opera was originally performed by St. Paul Center Stage in 2000, and the show was so memorable that Romas and Jim Black, producer, were elated to have the audience captivated and clapping to it again.

“I waited a long time to bring this production back to St. Paul’s,” said Black. “We created a biblically accurate version of the show which included many characters from the New Testament. It was our largest cast ever and our biggest production.”
Romas, a producer for more than 10 years, was delighted with everyone’s hard work.

“We rehearsed for 11 weeks,” she said. “It was difficult to get everyone together, especially over the summer. I am proud of everyone who made this production possible. Over 70 people volunteered and helped out.”

Brian Kuchcicki

Seeing familiar and new faces was also important to Romas.

“The production always brings the community together,” she said. “A lot of the people in the show have been involved in others. It’s a nice seeing familiar faces, families and friends and meeting new ones.”

Kuchcicki, who played the role of King Herrod, enjoyed acting as a child and teenager.

Now, as an adult, he was happy to be back on a stage that he was familiar with.

“When the lights come up on stage, it is a great feeling,” said Kuchcicki. “Theatre is my passion and it developed here at St. Paul the Apostle when I was younger.”

Kuchcicki was also proud to be a part of a production that he personally enjoyed.

“The musical was written in the ’70s,” he said. “It was groundbreaking back then because it produced a different kind of music. This is a classic piece that I’m happy to have been a part of.”

Working on the play with others is what Kuchcicki loved the most about participating in Jesus Christ Superstar.

“I love the comradery the most,” he said. “A large group of people worked together with the common goal of putting on a show. There are so many familiar faces and new faces that I got to see this summer.”

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