World Traveler Shares Artifacts At Village


DSC_0557Michael Harrold, a photographer, storyteller and world traveler, visited third- and fifth-graders at Village Elementary School in Syosset on May 27 to share various stories and artifacts from his travels through eastern Africa, South America, Asia and Latin America. Third-graders focused on eastern Africa and Asia, and fifth-graders learned about South America to enhance and supplement their regular classroom curriculum.

Harrold’s presentations enabled students to gain a better understanding of history and culture by seeing pictures of his trips, and hearing about the ways of life for people in other countries. Students also had the opportunity to participate in hands-on workshops, where they were able to handle various artifacts from different cultures, including hunting tools, clothing, artwork and toys, among other items. The presentation and workshops allowed students to travel the world without ever leaving their school, and gain a better understanding of world cultures through hands-on learning in a fun and engaging environment.

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