Robbins Lane Honors Veterans


VeteransAPRIDE is an ongoing theme at Robbins Lane School, throughout the year. This Memorial Day was a very special PRIDE Day, one that will remain in the memories of all who were fortunate to be present. We honored our country and the services provided by our armed forces. We learned the true meaning of Memorial Day! The service men, introduced by Sgt Frank Segreto, explained their story, telling us why they joined the Air National Guard and Air Force and where their individual careers have led them within their units. They explained the story of the 106th Guard using video clips that described some of their responsibilities.

VeteransBSgt. Segreto demonstrated the items carried in the backpack, the protective shield that is worn over the heart and the helmets that are worn for protection. He discussed the fatigue uniforms, formal dress uniforms and showed us how to salute an officer. The studentsl earned the proper position of the fingers on the right hand when saluting; they loved practicing it when they exited. You could feel the pride and patriotism emanating from the students, when some of them had opportunities to try on the protective gear. Their peers wanted to know how it felt wearing the garment, the weight of it and what was inside the many compartments. The students learned Patriotism for our country, Respect and Pride for the service men and women who protect us and our freedom to be living in America.

The flag folding ceremony presented by the Base Honor Guard was a riveting highlight of the assembly. There were 480 students and 75 staff members watching the folding of the flag. You could hear a pin drop in the gymnasium; it was as if everyone was breathless, with their eyes glued on the precision of each movement during the unfolding and folding of the flag. Then, the Base Honor Guard presented the folded flag to Dr. Sharyn Goodman, Principal of Robbins Lane in honor of her retirement after 20 years of service to the community and students of Syosset. It was a day we will never forget!



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