Berry Hill PTA Hosts Health & Nutrition Week


iGame4aThe Berry Hill PTA hosted Health & Nutrition Week which featured the iGame4 Fitness Program.  iGame4’s primary goal is to get children excited about fitness through the use of active video games, and achieves maximum results by working with teachers to develop a curriculum that is fun, challenging and educational.  During gym classes all week, Berry Hill students rotated through a variety of fitness stations, each featuring a large 100” screen, projector, video game console and a select curriculum-related active video game. 

iGame4cThe iGame4 experience also featured a Health & Nutrition Program led by a certified iGame4 instructor that worked with students in the Berry Hill library.  Students worked in a group setting with iGame4 tablets scanning and interpreting familiar foods, identifying healthy options and establishing an understanding of USDA calorie recommendations.  Students also used apps to understand calorie counting and learned how to calculate resting and active heart rates.  The iGame4 Fitness Program was made possible by the Berry Hill PTA’s Cultural Arts Committee.




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