Robbins Lane Holds Circus


IMG_8769Every student was a budding circus star this year at Robbins Lane Elementary School when the National Circus Project came to town.

With the help of the physical education teachers, all children from kindergarten through fifth grade worked on skills like juggling, plate spinning, feather balancing and stilt walking.

The fourth graders created beautiful clown art work that was displayed at the circus, and the fifth graders created their very own costumes with the help of the art teacher.

The fifth graders worked all week on their circus skills and performed an amazing circus show for fellow students and their families. The Robbins Lane Circus could rival any professional circus, but most importantly a fun and educational week was had by all.

IMG_8440 IMG_9157 IMG_5290 DSC_8728 IMG_8414 IMG_9189 DSC_0180


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