International Family Night At Baylis


India had wonderful food to share!

International Family Night at Baylis Elementary in Syosset is all about diversity, cultural education and fun family time.  On Friday, March 14th, the Baylis PTA hosted an International Family Night .  There were 12 countries to visit: China & Taiwan, Costa Rica, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Pakistan, Russia and the U.S.A.  Many countries served a variety of delicious foods.  They also provided an opportunity to try on traditional clothes, play games and make crafts. 

The excitement of the night was an International fashion show!  The kids walked in wearing examples of clothes representing their country.  All 12 countries were represented.  Kids cheered, parents took pictures and the fashion parade was a big success!

Immediately following the fashion show, there was a Chinese lion dance where the lion came to life!  Then there was a Korean pop dance performance by Baylis’  Korean students.  It was so much fun watching them, that some of the others joined in too!  Lastly, there was an Indian fashion show presented by our students.  It showed the large variety of beautiful outfits worn in India.

The night was a wonderful experience for all the students as well as their families.  It was a great opportunity to learn about the many cultures represented at Baylis!

Italy was well represented! It was a great evening to experience different cultures! Two sweet little girls. It was a fun filled evening! Costa Rica! This is a very happy crew from Ireland! Everyone could try on a Kimono! USA! The families from Israel were all smiles!


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