bFIT Assembly In Jericho


BFIT1Imagine a show that uses magic, comedy, juggling, dancing and audience participation to get your kids excited about eating healthy and exercise!

The Robert Seaman Elementary PTA Programming and the Health, Safety, Spirit Committee hosted the bFIT show performed by Brian Richards.

The children explained too in a very creative way about the food groups and what they do for our body. With his “Five a Day the Color Way” tagline about fruits and vegetables, children were picked as assistants to participate. Each with a basket with food props inside, Brian demonstrated in an interactive way to show the children the color groups and the food explaining humorously what they do.

The brilliant comedic presentation made it funny and FUN for the children as they now have a better understanding of the foods they should eat for each part of their body!


Lastly, he focused on exercise! The children all participated and followed along with energetic music and cool dance moves. Reinforcing, we all need an hour of exercise a day and how it can be done anywhere and even fun when you can make up your own dance moves especially with a few friends, a wonderful way to reinforce exercise.

BFIT6bFueled – bActive – bCreative

bFit is a brilliant concept designed to help fight child obesity, diabetes and heart disease.


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