Thank You Residents For A More Beautiful Syosset


Syosset’s 72nd Annual Memorial Day Parade was, as always, a fitting honor to our service men and women and an invigorating start to the summer season. As a participant in the event and a lifelong Syosset resident, I’d like to send a special thank you to The RESIDENTS For A More Beautiful Syosset, an organization that does way too much for the community to be overlooked. Weeks before the parade, The RESIDENTS enlisted a team of volunteers to clean out the Memorial Park and plant all the flowers that adorned the park for Monday’s ceremony.
In addition, The RESIDENTS maintain flower gardens all along Jackson Avenue and at the Syosset Post Office. At a moment when Syosset’s downtown is suffering hard times, I am grateful to The RESIDENTS for their tireless efforts in making our community a whole lot nicer to look at.
Tom Montalbano

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