Thank You From Gina Levy


I would like to thank the Jericho School Community for helping to pass our school district’s budget. It was wonderful to see the positive support for our schools.
I would also like to thank all my supporters who worked so hard in so many different ways to make it possible for me to join the Board of Education. It was a fantastic experience of community, friends and family support that I have never encountered before. So many of you supported Claire and I in different ways, whether it was supporting us in an ad, letters, emails, postings, signs, spreading the word and even coming to help on the day of the vote.
The best part of my day was seeing many 1st time voters! Watching friends, both old and new, and their whole families show up and my fellow PTA members’ support was great. Claire and I really appreciate your turning out!
Personally, to have my children watch what I was doing over the past few weeks and trying to set an example of how we help our community was very emotional for me. To have my daughter with me in the voting booth and share the moment of how to vote for her schools and support her community was something we will both always remember. I hope that I showed my children, and their friends who helped us, that we should all do what we think is right and get involved in our community to make a difference.
Congratulations to Barbara. I look forward to working with you and the rest of the Board of Education. To Claire, I am so proud to have shared a platform and worked with you.
There are many people who did so much for me personally everyday and taught me so much! You know who you are; I am so honored to know you and to have worked with you. Thank you for guiding me, supporting me and educating me. Thank you for believing in me! Our community is very lucky to have so many special people out there who truly care about our community. These individuals are willing to help out in any way that they can for the best interests of the Whole Jericho Community.
I never thought that my children, our schools, PTAs and neighbors would lead me down this path. A special thank you to the officers, past and present, of all the PTAs. Your commitment to leadership and our schools has helped to mold me. Your efforts, along with the efforts of our teachers and administration, have not just helped my children to grow and learn they have helped me to grow and learn as well.
I will do my best to make you proud of supporting and believing in me. I will continue to be the same outspoken, passionate person I have always been. Mostly, thank you for passing the district budget and proposition 2. Community support allows us to have the many programs that make the Jericho School District exceptional. Thank you.
Gina Levy



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