Thank You From Barbara Krieger


Thank you to the voters of the Jericho School District for electing me to another term as a board of education trustee. It is an honor to serve in such a successful district, and to enjoy the support of both current parents and empty nesters. I hope to do you all proud over the next three years.
The turnout from every sector of the Jericho community on our school board election and budget vote day, May 20th, was wonderful. The warmth and kind words of those who stopped to chat prove that school board work, at least in this district, is not the thankless task that many believe it to be.
Election day felt like a reunion of everyone who has been by my side since I moved to Jericho 27+ years ago – from playgroup, play dates, PTA, BCA, school board, JJC, Hadassah, book club, walks through the neighborhood, and everything else; you were all represented. I am grateful for your help throughout the years, and especially grateful that you turned out at the polls, whether it was to keep me company during the long day, bring your family and friends to vote, provide snacks, or speak to voters on my behalf.
Special thanks to the core group who helped me with every detail throughout this campaign, and the wider group who sent letters and emails or made phone calls, posted lawn signs, lent their names to endorsement lists, and more. And if there’s something beyond special thanks, that is what I offer to my family – who helped, understood, supported, worked, and cheered me on.
Congratulations to our new board member-elect, Gina Levy; I look forward to working with you in a new capacity, and welcome your enthusiasm and perspective as a parent of current students. To Claire Hochheiser, thank you for nine years of dedicated board work; you know I’ll miss most of all your ability to quote every contract we’ve ever negotiated without looking anything up!
Last, but also so important, thank you to our community for passing the district budget and proposition 2; we couldn’t have the facilities and programs we are so proud of without the funding you provide.
Barbara Krieger

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