Muttontown Village Elections


Dear Editor,

Peoples Liberty Party Committee is formed to run in the upcoming Muttontown Village Election scheduled for Tuesday June 17, 2014. The election will be held at the Muttontown Village Hall 1 Raz Tafuro Way, Muttontown, NY 11791.

The Peoples Liberty Party Candidates are Pericles “Perry” Linardos for Mayor, a 25 year plus Volunteer and Professional Firefighter / Paramedic, Russell Orenstein for Trustee, business and real estate owner, George Chalos, International Attorney for Trustee, and James Ronaghan for Trustee, former Old Brookville Police Auxiliary and resident.

We use a quote from Thomas Jefferson as our mission statement “When the people fear the government you have tyranny, when the government fears the people you have liberty”.

Our current Village administration has done a fair job, the people of Muttontown deserve outstanding.

We need to end oppressive enforcement tactics.

We need to restore peoples voice and trust and end micromanagement.

We need to run a transparent and open Village Government.

We need families to get into their homes, children to get into to their schools and the village to be a resource rather than an adversary.

We need to stress cooperation instead of litigation.

We need a team that is customer and public service oriented.

We are the Peoples Liberty Party and we encourage every registered voter in the Incorporated Village of Muttontown to participate in the democratic process without fear of retaliation and retribution.

Peoples Liberty
Party Committee


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