Robert Seaman Staff Appreciation Luncheon



It was time to follow the waves to the beach shack and let our teachers and faculty know how much we appreciate them!

The PTA did a wonderful job making this lunch a memorable time for teachers and staff at our children’s school.  After the long winter, the Beach Party was much appreciated to think of the coming warm sunny days!  The party decor really set the tone for the beach-themed palm trees, to the surfboards that the children decorated.   The room came alive with great food, decorations and music as mothers served up lunch.  Seaman Faculty and Staff feasted on a wonderful variety of choices for lunch and dessert.

Thank you to our teachers, faculty and staff for all you do all year long for our children!


IMG_3609 IMG_3611 IMG_3613 IMG_3615 IMG_3621 IMG_3619 IMG_3617



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