Support The School Budget


Please support our School Budget and the renovation of the MS/HS auditorium by casting your YES vote! (The money for the renovation will be coming from a voter-approved capital reserve fund). I would also like to ask for your support and help on another item on the ballot. Gina Levy is running for a seat on the Jericho’s Board of Education. She is a close friend and my PTA mentor/partner. She has 3 children and is going through Elementary, Middle & High school at the same time. Gina has been living in Jericho for over 16 years and always actively involved with local PTA and Joint Council.

I had the pleasure of working with Gina as Co-Presidents of the Seaman PTA and saw firsthand how passionate she is in making sure things were done right. By that, she is always fair, looking out for all. Her priority is always our children & what’s best for them. We need someone who is strong and fair to represent all of us.

There will be a lot of challenges ahead of our schools (our whole education system) and Gina understands and knows the complexities that are facing our school. She is on the field, at school events and meetings. Please vote for Gina Levy/Claire Hochheiser this May 20.
Dabbie Lee



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