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Dear Editor:

Gina Levy is running for the Jericho’s Board of Education and is a strong supporter of our children, community, teachers, and parents.  Today and in the future we need board members who will be strong enough to meet the challenges ahead for our schools. Gina understands the changes taking place in our schools including the complexities of testing and the changes in the curriculum, amongst many other concerns we all have.

The Jericho school community has been Gina’s home for over sixteen years. She has been active in supporting our children and schools through PTA for over 13 years. Gina has served on the Seaman PTA Executive Board as Executive Vice President and Co-President. She is also a longtime member of Jericho Joint PTA Council and currently serves as the recording secretary.  In addition, Gina is a member of the Middle School Shared Decision Committee. Gina helped with the fight against the charter school to be built down the block from our high school, as well as leading the fight to keep commercial zoning away from our schools.

Gina has decided to run for the Jericho Board of Education because she cares about our children and our schools. Gina has two children attending Jericho schools (elementary and high school). As a member of the Jericho Board of Education, it would be her goal to continue the fine programs, leadership and nurturing the district provides to our children. The one thing that is missing from our current Board of Education is a parent who currently has children in the schools.  Gina will be the new voice of parents from elementary to high school on the Board of Education. I believe that there are many new challenges that our school district faces, from Common Core to safety and social media. Whether walking the halls or on the sports fields, Gina will serve as the eyes and ears of the parents whose children are being affected by these changes. Gina needs all our support at the polls this May 20th. Please vote for Gina Levy and Claire Hochheiser as their mission is to be team players and work with the administration for the good of our children. Claire Hochheiser is a current Board of Education trustee and has served our community for over 9 years.  She has also served the students and families of this community in the capacity of special education tutor, special education teacher, facilitator and Curriculum Associate.

I believe that we should be voting for Claire and Gina on May 20th. With Claire’s current experience on the Board of Education and Gina’s voice as a parent with children in our schools, a vote cast for them would make a strong team and continue to make Jericho schools a wonderful place for our children to learn and thrive.

Alisha and Andrew Reiben







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