Support For Jericho Board


To The Editor,

As former trustees of the Jericho Board of Education, we remain invested in our school district. We have first-hand knowledge of the effort and diligence that it takes to serve our children and our neighbors.

We want to you to know that we endorse one candidate in this year’s election – BARBARA KRIEGER.

Barbara Krieger symbolizes all that is important to our school district. We have all served with Barbara; we have agreed with her and disagreed with her over her 15 years on the school board. We have been eyewitnesses to how seriously she undertakes her responsibility, how prepared she is to discuss and resolve the critical issues of the day and her unconditional refusal to just “go along and say yes.”

She continues to care about Jericho. Her passion for her neighborhood is undeniable as she continues to serve. She chooses to spend her time and her energies to challenge us to do better, to be more thoughtful and not turn away from the more difficult decisions that have to be made. She is the consummate professional – defending the things she believes are important and adhering to the strongest of moral principles. We are sure you understand the need for those crucial qualities for a member of our school board.

We urge you to come out on May 20th and cast your vote for Barbara Krieger. She’s the only choice for all of us.


Sandra Gumerove Bernstein
Ira Checkla
Hilari Cohen
Walter Cole

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