Jericho Board of Education Elections


To the Editor,
I’m sure you have heard that there is a contested election for Board of Education in the Jericho School District this year. While I’ve moved out of the district, I still have a strong feeling of obligation and responsibility to everyone there (including the people who bought my house!) and I want to make sure the district remains strong. That is why I’m asking you to “bullet vote” for Barbara Krieger for Jericho Board of Education. Although the ballot says “vote for two,” I encourage you to vote for only Barbara, as the other candidates are running as a team, giving them a mathematical advantage that will put them over the top if they also receive votes from any of Barbara’s supporters.

Barbara has been a very public figure, advocating for Jericho students and the Jericho community for over 25 years. She served on several PTA executive boards, and for 15 years on the Board of Education (5 as an amazing president, and two as vice president), and on the Birchwood Civic Association Board. In all of those positions, she has been a tireless, intelligent, independent advocate.

What you may not know, is what she does behind the scenes. Barbara is my go-to person for EVERYTHING! She has helped me with my SEPTA responsibilities on everything from computer work, flyers, personally participating in events and meetings, to volunteering at events. You may have even seen her as the SEPTA photographer at movie night under the stars. She sat with me for hours organizing bank statements and tutoring me when I became SEPTA treasurer, a job I initially dreaded.

She worked with me in the planning, emailing, phone calls, flyer-making, and soliciting for the Adam Singer fundraising event. These are the most recent examples. We worked throughout our children’s years at Jackson on numerous projects. In fact, she was astute enough to suggest that the board add a liaison to represent special ed students’ families, which evolved into the SEPTA liaison positions now in place in all of our buildings. She has always taken an interest in seeing what was going on in all of our buildings, even after her children graduated, attending PTA meetings in all the schools and our monthly SEPTA meetings and presentations.

So, please, vote yes on the school district budget (no tax levy increase this year!) and VOTE ONLY for BARBARA KRIEGER on Tuesday, May 20th, 6am to 9pm at the Jericho High School gym on Route 106. Registration is NOT required. Just bring identification showing your age (18 or over) and address in the Jericho School District.

Visit Barbara’s facebook page Barbara 2014 or email her at if you have any questions.

Thank you!!!
Karen Gantman


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