Endorsement For Barbara Krieger


As a Jericho resident whose children graduated from the Jericho Public School system over 10 years ago, our school system was tops then. And of late, I have read how are district is still one of the top. Barbara Kreiger was on our school board then and now. During her tenure, she has learned much about the ins and outs of how our school district works by attending many panels, seminars and conferences geared to school boards and their changing laws.

I learned all that from her last week as she patiently listened to and answered all my questions I had regarding our school district in a very lengthy phone call. Barbara is quite personable and very easy to talk to in regards to the concerns we all have regarding the education of our Jericho public school system’s students.

That knowledge along with her 15 years experience is one of the reasons I am voting for her and endorsing her for school board member.

Wendy A. Marx


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