Over 60 & Getting Younger: Benny’s Bar & Grill


gretaAs I entered Benny’s Bar & Grill in Potomac, Maryland, I was astounded. Why? Because on every wall there were three by three foot photographs of all the beauties and actresses of the 1940s, ’50s, ’60s, ’70s and up to the present stars of cinema and stage.

These were the gorgeous females I grew up with and salivated over in my teenage years. I left my place at the table and ogled at all of the portraits on the wall of this establishment. There were thirty or forty black and white enlarged photos of females all over the place, even in the Men’s room. It was like seeing old girlfriends!

Let me enumerate some of the beautiful dames gracing the walls of Benny’s: Hedy LaMarr, Racquel Welch, Esther Williams, Betty Grable-”the girl will the million dollar legs”, Lena Horne and Mitzi Gaynor. At one time or another, I swooned over all these handsome females. How can I leave out Marilyn Monroe, Gina Lollabrigida; Jane Russell or Grace Kelly? Each lady had a charm of her own.

Veronica Lake’s portrait was in the Men’s bathroom. She looked wonderful. As far as foreign women, there was quite a selection, Catherine Deneuve, Elizabeth Hurley, Marlene Dietrich, Diana Dors, Vivien Leigh and Bridget Bardot. Can you top that? These girls were absolutely gorgeous.

Did I mention Lana Turner -”the sweater girl”, Loretta Young, Elizabeth Taylor, Carole Landis and Joan Crawford? Don’t forget Scarlett Johansen, Gloria Grahame and Piper Laurie! Incidentally, Benny’s has great seafood; potato latkes, chicken soup and matzo balls to die for. I stopped at one portrait and I couldn’t place the name or the face. As I was pondering, Benny slipped up behind me. “Do you want to meet that beauty?” he said. I said, “Sure.”

Benny walked me into the bar and there was the lady in the picture. I said, “You look prettier in real life.” Thanks said Benny, “That’s my wife.”


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