Speakers Mark Holocaust Remembrance Day At SHS



Syosset High School recognized Holocaust Remembrance Day on April 29 by inviting six speakers from the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County in Glen Cove to speak to 10th-graders about their personal experiences. The event, which is organized in collaboration with the library and social studies departments, offers students an opportunity to learn firsthand from survivors and children of survivors of the Holocaust.DSC_0594

Students were divided into six smaller groups throughout the day to meet with the six speakers, including Annie Bleiberg, Gloria Glantz, Werner Hess, Mordechai Miller, Helga Shepard and Lillian Zimmerman, who volunteered their time to share their experiences with the more than 500 10th-graders. Senior Danielle Haft also presented her experiences traveling to Poland and Israel in the summer of 2011, where she toured three concentration camps and talked to many survivors.



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