Register For REACH Program


Legislator Judy Jacobs is encouraging registration into the R.E.A.C.H, a program developed by the County in 2010 to make pictures and information available of people living with cognitive disorder such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Autism, etc. to law enforcement. R.E.A.C.H stands for ‘Return every Adult & Child Home’. Those who have such disorders or family members of those in need are encouraged to register.

Legislator Judy Jacobs said, “It is an important program that partners both law enforcement and the County to be smart and sensitive when dealing with those living with cognitive disorders or in locating them if lost.”

While there is a registration drive happening now thru April 25th, registration is available every day, Monday – Friday from 9am to 4pm at the Nassau County Police Department, Asset Forfeiture Unit. Registration is quick and easy. Each applicant is provided a wristband, lanyard and ID card so they can be recognized by police.

‘This program doesn’t just offer a database that helps law enforcement identify those who are lost or in need – it offers piece of mind to the family members that those they love the most are better protected in day to day life.” shares Legislator Jacobs.

Town of Oyster Bay Releases New & Improved Website

Town Supervisor John Venditto recently announced the release of a newly updated and redesigned version of the Town of Oyster Bay website. The new site,, is interactive and easily accessible, and contains all information regarding Town news, meetings, activities, programs and upcoming events that residents could be searching for.

“Our goal in this upgrade to the Town website is to provide an improved source of information that residents can depend on for vital news relating to the Town,” Supervisor Venditto said. “The redesigned town website is as informative as ever, is now more aesthetically pleasing to viewers and even more user-friendly than before. I encourage everyone to visit the remodeled Town website and become acquainted with the new and improved features.”

The new homepage features a sliding rotation of the most recent town news, and residents can use links on the new homepage to do activities like view pets available for adoption at the Town Animal Shelter, view and pay your property taxes, as well as keep track of special notices and updates on Town programs and events. Town residents can also follow the Town of Oyster Bay through Supervisor Venditto’s page, on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, the Department of Community and Youth Services, which maintains all Cultural and Performing Arts Programs, senior and youth events, and the Town Animal Shelter, also host Facebook pages, all of which are available through the Town’s website.

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