Nursery Rhymes Get A STEM Twist At Robbins Lane


IMG_5225Kindergartners at Robbins Lane Elementary School in the Syosset Central School District explored a unique side of four nursery rhymes with a special enrichment cluster project that infused science, technology, engineering and mathematical elements into their learning.

The rhymes, including “Hickory Dickory Dock,” “Hey Diddle Diddle,” “Humpty Dumpy” and “Jack and Jill,” all provided the students with an engineering problem that they had to work together to overcome. For example, in “Humpty Dumpty,” students learned how to engineer the wall in such a way that Humpty Dumpty wouldn’t crack. Students working on “Hey Diddle Diddle” had to devise a way to catapult the cow over the moon. All four projects required the kindergartners to engage their problem-solving skills and work cohesively to construct their projects out of various materials.

The kindergartners were able to vote and select which group they wanted to join, enabling them to experience a different classroom, teacher and students while completing the project.

Every year, each grade level in every elementary school throughout the district has an opportunity to participate in a different enrichment cluster. They meet multiple times over the course of several weeks and are provided with supplemental and engaging projects that enhance the regular classroom curriculum and focus on one specific theme.

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