Robbins Lane Celebrates PRIDE


IMG_4542Recently, Robbins Lane launched another component of our school PRIDE (Patience, Respect, Integrity, Dignity, Empathy) program.  The theme is based on the idea of “paying it forward”, because generosity among strangers, acquaintances and friends can be socially contagious.

According to this theory, if you receive or observe an act of help or kindness, you become more likely to help others, even if what you do is not rewarded.  A single act of kindness can have a ripple effect, setting off chains of generosity that reach far beyond the original act. (NY Times, March 16, 2014)

To illustrate the importance of the concept of “paying it forward”, two new books were introduced to the student body.  The younger students (K-2) read the book Each Kindness and the older students (3-5) read the book The Other Side, both by Jacqueline Woodson.  The teachers read aloud as students followed along with their own copies of the books.  The students then participated in discussions that reinforced the theme of each book.  The teachers and children really enjoyed the books and were touched by the powerful messages conveyed.






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