MSTe Fair At Robbins Lane


IMG_5150On March 6th, The Robbins Lane School gymnasium was transformed into a science convention! Robbins Lane teachers worked so hard to organize the Math, Science and Technology and Engineering Invention Convention, which featured over 125 students in grades 3-5. The children were challenged to think about a problem and design a project that would help solve that problem. The projects created by the students were inventive, informative and creative!  The inventions included a pillow lifter, a doggie dryer, a towel steamer, a reminder timer, a swim jacket and a crumb blocker.

IMG_5108Our young inventors proudly showcased their inventions, display boards and Data Diaries during the day and evening at the annual Robbins Lane MSTe Fair. There, they enjoyed the opportunity to explain and demonstrate how their inventions solve problems. Student inventors were elated to share their projects with family, friends and the entire Syosset School District community.



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