Throwing A Changeup With Freshmen On Varsity

Freshmen girls were a new addition to the varsity team this year after the junior varsity squad was disbanded

Jericho High School’s varsity girls softball team welcomed 10 new freshmen to their field after receiving the news that there would be no junior varsity team.

Many of the freshmen players believe that being on varsity was a great experience.

Freshman Katerina S. said, “I like it because I have a lot of friends on my team.”

Freshman Lindsey K. agreed that she liked being able to play with her friends, but she also liked the fact that the upperclassmen on the team helped the freshmen learn and grow as players. For some athletes the older girls’ skills sometimes make it difficult to play well.

On the other hand, freshman Carly H., who plays on a team outside of school, said, “It doesn’t really scare me because in travel I play against much bigger girls that are more intimidating.”

It’s a change for the upperclassmen to play with the younger girls.

Senior Maddie O. said, “It is an interesting challenge, since everyone is at a different level of playing the sport, but other times it’s a fun challenge.” She went on to say that it was a good group of girls to end her high school softball career with. Junior Sydney H. said, “Having a team with mixed grades allows me to form new connections and relationships with people who I never would have met outside of softball.”
Varsity softball coach Kristina LaCostro agrees with the players that having freshmen on a varsity team is beneficial.

LaCostro said, “The positives are that working with freshmen, the coaching staff have the ability to develop special techniques and mechanics with them for four years.” Coach LaCostro also likes the fact that the freshmen can learn what is expected of them when playing on a varsity level.

“Whether you are a freshman or not, when you are on a varsity team our expectations for players are to work hard, be dedicated and play with heart,” LaCostro said.

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